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Design & Installation


Sod Install

Our specialty is installing sod. Our professionals can determine what turf will be the best fit with your landscape. After determining the correct turf, we will do an appropriate thorough preparation and grade. Then it is time for the install and you will have your brand new lawn!


We can design a plan and install the perfect landscape for your property and budget.

Seasonal Color

Our Certified Georgia Landscape Professionals will design your seasonal color to best relate your flowers to the surrounding architecture.

Popular Turf Types in Georgia:

Bermuda is the most popular turf in Georgia. Bermuda grass thrives in hot weather, offers drought tolerance, and is great for high traffic areas. Tifgrand and Tifway are the two main types of Bermuda. TifGrand Bermuda turfgrass performs in shade better than other than Tifway Bermuda.

Zoysia grasses have an excellent deep green color and grow slower than Bermuda. Zoysia has good shade tolerance and are dense growing and resist weed invasion.

Tall Fescue is a dark green turf that thrives in shade.